As of January 2013, we have returned to private. If you live in Osage County you will have to be a member or with a member to play the course. This excludes tournaments. Non-members  (from Osage County) will be limited to 4 visits per year. 

Greens Fee Weekdays (Monday-Thursday)  
$15.00 for 18 holes
$12.00 for 9 holes  
Greens Fees (Friday-Sunday & Holidays)  
$25.00 for 18 holes 
$15.00 for 9 holes  
Cart Rental  
$10.00/Seat for 18 holes 
$6.00/Seat for 9 holes
$15.00/Seat for 18 holes 
$10.00/Seat for 9 holes
Initiation Fee  
$150.00 One time fee. Due upon approval of application.  
Family Membership  
$600.00 per family. Includes unlimited greens fees for all immediate family members living in the home. Children are covered until age 19 or until 24 if enrolled full-time in school.  
Single Membership  
$500.00 Unlimited greens fees for one person.  
Junior Membership  
$250.00 (Student Membership) Unlimited Greens fees for any person 24 years of age and younger and currently enrolled full time in school.
Clubhouse Rental
Members: $75 + $100 deposit
Non-Members: $125 + $100 deposit